Community Impact Events


Community Impact Events


Our Goal is to equip parents with the right information that they need to raise a healthy, happy family.

Does you child keep getting ear infections? Multiple rounds of antibiotics? Are tubes the next step? Tonsils and adenoids being removed?

We will discover:
– Why your child keeps getting ear infections
– How to know one is coming on before the pain begins
– Safe and drug free options
– How neurology and anatomy help us find real answers to our questions

We do these events to give parents real answers to the issues they face in raising a happy, healthy and thriving family.

This is guaranteed to be life changing, and we cannot wait to help people take control of their life so that parenting stress does not control them any longer.


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Resolve to Raise Healthy Kids – this online event will be a straight to the point, content, and action-step filled webinar that will give parents the tools to take their family’s health to another level this year.

 You will be able to implement:

  • 5 simple tweaks the busy parent can make to ensure a healthier family
  • What it really means to be healthy and how to measure it.
  • Proactive vs. Reactive approaches to family Health.
  • How TRUE health is achieved
PARENTS, this year could be your family’s best, with new information comes better decisions.