Better Kids, Healthier Parents, Incredible Families

Struggling with your health? We have a process to get you functioning better.  Kids and Family Chiropractor, Milton ON
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Better Kids, Healthier Parents, Incredible Families

Be the healthiest family you know!
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More Calm, Coordinated, Connected

We understand the frustration of being at less than 100%.

We have a method to help your family finally breath again, gain control of your health and get off this rollercoaster of stress and go go go.

How do we get such great results?

The Incredible Family Method

1) We Listen to You

Yes, we actually take the time to listen to you! Our Doctors really care. That is what makes this different. Take the first step. No obligation. Let’s talk and find the reason behind your struggles.

2) Advanced Technology

Three nervous system scans tells us where your body is working well and where it is not, so we find obstacles in your way. The most up-to-date assessment technology helps us Test, we don’t guess.

3) Epic Plan

You like clear, attainable milestones, proven results, and so do we. We customize a plan that fits your life, and together we carry it out, making sure to reassess often. You can be the healthiest family you know! The plan is where that begins.

4) Results

Kids that are more calm, coordinated and connected. Families with more energy and better sleep. We help you meet and surpass your health goals. Restore balance and calm at home. 

We Can Help

We often get the question ‘Can you help with.. my son’s sensory issues, frequent meltdowns, overwhelm, and, getting my body back to normal after pregnancy, more energy, drug free ways to help my kids realx, better sleep for the whole family…?”

Our answer is always the same…

Why Do I Need a Family Chiropractor?

Adding a family chiropractor to your health care team is an essential part of raising a healthy and thriving family.

Drs. Grant and Vanessa Van Dyke are paediatric and family focused chiropractors. This husband and wife team at Incredible Family Chiropractic in Milton, Ontario are on a mission to bring results to Milton families.

We work with two types of families:

     •Parents who want to keep their and their kids’ health going in the right direction towards optimal growth and development.

     •Parents/kids who need to completely turn their health around, “dig themselves out of a hole” health-wise, and get started down a better path.

Parents are searching for the right information so that they can make well informed decisions regarding the health of their family.  We love equipping our Incredible tribe with the information they need to make wise choices.

The Right Choice

Request a time to sit down with one of our doctors to find out what level your body is functioning at. What would it be like if you were functioning at 100% in all areas of your life?

Milton Community Impact Events

If you have a coffee, business, church or other community group that is looking for a guest speaker or interactive health care workshop, please let us know. We’d love to help!

Meet the Doctors Who Care.

We are dedicated to making your family’s health Incredible!

Dr. Vanessa Van Dyke

Dr. Vanessa Van Dyke


Dr. Grant Van Dyke

Dr. Grant Van Dyke



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