We have all heard of a family doctor, but what exactly is a family chiropractor? Does my family need one? The answer to that question depends on how you view your health and your family’s health.

The phrase “family chiropractor” is used by most doctors to imply that they see the whole family. In our office, Incredible Family Chiropractic, we take that a step further. Rather than focusing on rehabilitation, our doctors of chiropractic have a family focus because we focus on getting the family healthy and keeping them healthy. We devise a plan, based on each person’s goals and state of health, that will take them to the next level of health and optimum function. With training specifically on kids and pregnant women, and Dr. Vanessa and Dr. Grant’s experience with teens and adults, we’ve got the whole family covered.

We often work with:

  • Ladies who want to take control of how their body functions – less headaches, better sleep, regulated cycles, balanced hormones, healthy fertility and pregnancies
  • Men who are looking for more energy and to get in the driver’s seat when it comes to their health and performance at home and at work
  • Parents who are looking to boost their child’s immune system and for a drug free alternative for common childhood ailments

Like you, we are frustrated when our bodies don’t work as well as they should. Nobody should have to experience their children not living up to their potential.

How soon do parents-to-be seek out chiropractic care?

Often couples start as early as when they are considering getting pregnant. The more we talk to Miltonians, we find that parents in Milton are wondering if all of the neurodevelopmental conditions like autism, ADD and ADHD are just luck of the draw or if there is anything they can do to give their child a better start. There is! The understanding that the environment, the mirobiome, and the epigenetic factors of the person making the sperm and egg have a huge impact on the fetus, often lead people trying to get pregnant to contact a chiropractor. Yes gentleman, this means you play a role in the health of your children, too!

Where is your focus?

People, for good reason, usually visit the medical doctor when they have something that hurts or to find out if they have a disease or sickness. People usually go to their family Doctor of Chiropractic when their focus is on gaining health rather than focusing on sickness. We often see people who want their health back because their body is not functioning the way it once did or as well as they wish it would. They want to take control of their health.

Many times, when it comes down to it, parents are afraid, often suffering from paralysis by analysis. They want healthier kids and a healthier husband/wife, and they want to be a good parent/friend/spouse. However, they don’t know where to turn or how to gain control of something so important as their family’s health. So join our team – visit your Milton Family Chiropractor, Incredible Family Chiropractic, and let us help you transform your family and their health.


Drs. Grant and Vanessa Van Dyke are paediatric and family wellness focused chiropractors. This husband and wife team at Incredible Family Chiropractic in Milton, Ontario are on a mission to bring results to Milton families.

Parents are searching for the right information so that they can make well informed decisions regarding the health of their family.  We love equipping our Incredible tribe with the information they need to make wise choices.

We work with two types of families:

•Parents who want to keep their and their kids’ health going in the right direction towards optimal growth and development.

•Parents/kids who need to completely turn their health around, “dig themselves out of a hole” health-wise, and get started down a better path.

Community Impact Events are our way to reach out and contribute to Milton, ON – the town we live in and love.