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Dr. Vanessa Van Dyke

Dr. Vanessa Van Dyke


Dr. Grant Van Dyke

Dr. Grant Van Dyke


Dr. Grant Van Dyke and Dr. Vanessa Van Dyke are paediatric and family chiropractors. This husband and wife team at Incredible Family Chiropractic in Milton, Ontario are on a mission to bring results to Milton families.

Parents are searching for the right information so that they can make well informed decisions regarding the health of their family.  We love equipping our Incredible tribe with the information they need to make wise choices.

We work with two types of families:

  • Parents who want to keep their and their kids’ health going in the right direction towards optimal growth and development.
  • Parents/kids who need to completely turn their health around, “dig themselves out of a hole” health-wise, and get started down a better path.

Our passion is to contribute to the Families in Milton, ON – the town we live in and love.

Please view our videos, read our blogs, view our Facebook page and get to know us. We are dedicated to being real, congruent, transparent and honest when it comes to holistic total family health from the inside out.

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