Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and life changing times of your entire life. Parenting begins the moment you find out about that little miracle you’ve created, as you begin to devour any and all information about how to best care for your baby.

At Incredible Family Chiropractic, we’re not only paediatric and pregnancy focused chiropractors, we’re parents to three amazing little people, and we’re here to help! One of our passions is providing information to parents who want to raise healthy, happy children, from the beginning, about how to do so.

What does chiropractic care do for me during pregnancy?

A woman’s body is transformed from the inside out as her baby grows. Those changes, although purposeful and necessary, sometimes cause discomfort and lead to physical challenges. As ligaments and tissues are grown and stretched, mothers often experience pain, aches, and discomfort that they haven’t experienced before. Often, preexisting issues are exacerbated. Chiropractic care helps alleviate and often eliminate all of these things.

What does chiropractic care do for my baby during pregnancy?

More importantly though, as a woman’s body changes, her baby’s body is being simultaneously formed and grown. At Incredible Family Chiropractic, we focus on ensuring that a mother’s nervous system, which controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, and organ in her body, is working optimally.

This is vitally important as she is not only responsible for the health of her own body but that of her growing baby’s. Making sure you’re body is as healthy as it can be helps ensure your baby’s body is as healthy as it can be.

Is it safe?

Both Dr. Grant and Dr. Vanessa are trained to care for pregnant women and newborns. Using gentle and effective techniques, including Webster Technique, Thompson Technique, Diversified Technique and others, we help ensure that your body is in the best shape possible for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy and a healthy and safe birth.

Schedule your initial consultation now to find out more about how prenatal chiropractic care helps you prepare for the exciting adventure you’ve just begun.

~ Dr. Vanessa