Can chiropractic help my headaches?

It is common for people to come in to Incredible Family Chiropractic seeking help for their headaches. One of the positive side effects of regular chiropractic care is a decrease in the frequency of them.

My neck gets sore before I have a headache

Often times when people have a headache, it starts with a stiff neck or tightness at the back of the head and then a full blown headache or migraine follows. By adjusting the neck, relieving that tension and keeping the bones in the neck moving the way they should, regular chiropractic adjustments help stop that problem before it begins. Chiropractic adjustments ensure that the nerve system coordinates the body as it should, so the frequency of headaches that start at the back of the head can be greatly reduced.

Can chiropractic help migraine headaches?

Just ask Dr. Vanessa about how she suffered with migraines for years before she started being checked and adjusted regularly! In her experience, if she is not adjusted regularly (life happens even to chiropractors) migraine symptoms do rear their ugly and painful head. Migraines are common in society, but they are not normal. It is not normal to have a marching band playing in your head and have to lock yourself in a dark room. Chiropractic care can help your body function better so you can get your life back.

Natural headache care

Chiropractic is a really great way to increase the function of your body naturally, without medication, which often reduces the amount of headaches people experience. Distortions in the nerve system cause your brain to not interpret the billions of pieces of information correctly. When the information is distorted, your brain has to give its best guess, or it interprets the information as pain. Without going into the neuroscience too much, your brain may be getting pain signals when nothing is physically causing you pain because of distortions to the nervous system from improper movement of the spinal bones. At Incredible Family Chiropractic we scan your neck and back with the latest technology to accurately identify where your nerve system is disturbed so that we can lay out a plan of action to get remove that distortion.

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